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A clean three column theme with sidebars on either side of the page. The theme also includes some grey which contrasts perfectly against the white background of the theme and the shades of blue used in the themes header. A large orange RRS feed banner can be found at the top right of the theme above the menu to showcase the blogs RRS feed.

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Looks like [a href] links aren’t getting underlined at all in Safari or Firefox. I took a look through the stylesheet but I can’t find what’s causing this. Any chance you can provide an update? I’m happy to pay or donate for help with this, as I really, really enjoy the theme.

Also, I’m using a plug-in for Disqus, a hosted comment solution for lots of blogging platforms, including WordPress (http://disqus.com). Usually Disqus is able to take over a WordPress blog’s comment links easily, but I notice that the comment icon at the bottom of each post on the main page gets duplicated. One icon appears, then right next to it there’s a second icon with the actual link to comments. Can you help with that as well?

If so, feel free to contact me via the email I used in the comment form here. Thanks a lot.

Hey , Great Theme ! I Love SkinPress ! Keep it up !

Is this theme compatible with wordpress 2.7?

Is the issue mentioned by David Chartier solved?

How much do I need to pay to remove the link at the footer?

Let me know if you want this theme updated to the latest version of phpLD. We often offer that service for free. Feel free to ask us about this on the phpLD forum.