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3Grey wordpress theme with two widgetized sidebars on the right.
Theme works with 2.3.1 and below perfectly.

This design is totally different, its is unlike most of our other themes and includes space for a skyscraper banner advert.

There is a strong jet Black header that is cut off in a rounded fashion to make space for the top half of the smooth edged navigation bar. The navigation bar comes in a dark blue to lighter blue gradient.

Your web sites search function is highlighted within the navigation bar through the use of a light blue search box.

If you would like to experiment with skyscraper adverts alongside your lengthy blog updates then take a look at this striking and well designed theme.

Comments (22)

Very nice themes, good job :)

I’m running wp v.2.2.1 and it generated an error on the archive and category pags. WP

jason, fixed it. Download again now.

I was wondering how can I change the header, I want to insert a graphic header on to the top of the blog,

Steven change the bg.gif

Im trying to do the same but I cannot find which the correct one.

Clear and simpli, good job

Srik how can i made to have spaces between phrases in the post?

here is what i want to say:


Hey, I changed the bg.gif, but it only changes the sides of the header.

Help me, send an e-maiL!

is there a way to insert spaces between paragraphs? please email if there is.

Is there an easy way to remove the ‘Your Advertisement Here’ sidebar? I’m sure it can be done in a roundabout way (display: none; the right sidebar, extend the middle sidebar, etc — I’m still playing with it)… but I would rather do it the proper way, if possible.


How do you edit the footer.php information?
I would like more information about the “Your Advertisement Here’’?


I too am not able to create a space between paragraphes. Is there a cure for this. A shame if there isn’t because I will have to change the theme as it just doesn’t look good.



I have the same problem. How do you create a space between the paragraphs???

A Couple of things. The footer is encoded to prevent people from changing the ugly link for 24-hour drugs at the bottom. If you are smart enough and know how to use php, you can decode that to see the code, and then replace the code with what you need. (That’s what I did).

As for the banner, it looks like it’s “hard coded” into the template. All you can do is change the image. I had to physically alter the 3 background images to remove the gray box the banner was in then shift the sizes of the HTML elements in order go make it go away. However, I successfully did it. Not sure if that’s against the TOS for the template, but I was able to get it done. (don’t worry, I left the logo for SkinPress in there, after all, it’s a sexy template).

you must have downloaded it from some other website, we don’t have link to 24-hour drugs in the template.

Mine has a link to freeantivirussoftware.com in the footer.

download the theme from here.

I need to remove the black bar atop the page so i can insert my logo, I cant seem to find it anywhere. PLEASE HELP!

realy love this theme. Good work.
But i have a litte problem. I want to remove the adds sidebar and extend the blog window do that place.
like this image.
Please help.

I agree with Putte. This design is perhaps the best one I have found, but to design it with the assumption that one would put adds there? Brilliant design.. the style is phenomenal… but a standard alternate would be appreciated..