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This is a very new style design, with a background which shows a grass lawn background that slowly to black. Custom designed web 2.0 tulips, represented in rainbow highlights help accentuate the headings in the right hand side navigation column.

For the footer of the design of this template you will find the black background fades back to an impression of a grass lawn reflecting and complimenting the header nicely.

Your RSS feed icon link is subtly placed next to “go” icon in the search bar. This is very effective and well thought out. This because even though your RSS icon is displayed in a subtle fashion it is placed in a regularly used area of your site thereby ensuring your visitors will find it easily.

You will need the following plugins :

  • Wp-pagenavi
  • PHP contact form

Comments (3)

The Download doesn’t work.

Download link still isn’t working. I was hoping to use this for a new WP blog.

looks beautiful, so … why don’t you fix the download. Please?