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This is an extremely contemporary WordPress theme for your site.

A large bold black header bar at the exact top of the page in a black web2.0 style gradient offers a modern, edgy clear way to navigate the most crucial areas of your website.

The theme itself is unique in containing a dynamic featured posts area in the header section of the web site design.

This is a 2 column design that includes an extremely funky and highly prominent RSS icon to draw visitors to your syndicated news feeds.

Tested on the latest version of WordPress and cross browser compatible.

  • Featured posts - 5 featured posts in rotation, use featureme plugin to select which posts to show up theme
  • Page management - Select which pages to show up in top navigation in Bluemania options page
  • Adsense ready - Insert your adsense ID in BlueMania options page
  • 125×125 ads - Manage them in options page
  • Widget ready
  • 2.7.1 compatible
  • GBCF ready

How to show a image in featured posts box?

In the add/edit post page, create a custom field called “thumbnail” and enter the full Url to the image in “value” Box. Make the image 161×107 pixels

Required Plugins

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is there a posting?

The feature me plug in download on your site doesn’t work and I tried to google it and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I just downloaded it, the link is working

Interesting. The link on the post won’t allow me but the link you just posted in the comment does allow me. Thanks. :)

When I klik BlueMania Option , i have problem : Cannot load obwp-settings.php

I’m looking on zip file and I don’t find it.

Anyone can help me?

hello! i have installed the featureme plugin directly in the plugin root folder, as instructed by the creator oscar, and I see it under the post, to click the checkbox…
so i check it and then i click update or save post…
but NOTHING HAPPENS… as if i never clicked !
what could be wrong? I even have the thumbnail custom thing.. with the image link…
can anyone helpme?

Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m having the same problem and you’re the only user I’ve found with the same question… Would really appreciate your help on this!

Hey Guys,
I tried to go exactly on plugin page , then I downloaded plugin from there, deactivated this, activated again. And all started to work corectly :)

I just uploaded this templete, and setup google code, but the ads are hiding behind header.. any solution?

I want to add a similia Header Logo as SUPERBLOG, but in mine theme its displayin in simple font :(

Your theme is so nice. Esperially it is nice as visual.

Génial ce template merci

Can I add this template to blogger. If yes guide me how the steps. please

The screen shot has 4 Adsense banners on a single page. Doesn’t Google only allow 3 per page?

No. This is for WordPress.

i want to add my site logo in the header instead of the text. how can i do that?

Hi, I have the same question so I’m wondering if you could find the way.
I installed the feature me pluggin and follow the thumbnail thing but nothing happens…


To use a logo instead of the text, upload your_logo.png in the folder /images/ of the theme folder, then edit the header.php

On the line 55 starting with you should replace :


<img src="/images/your_logo.png” alt=”" />

this should work ;-)

Of course lines of codes are not welcome on the comment section…

so here I try again:


<img src="/images/your_logo.png” alt=”" />

Grrr code is not accepted of course… well I will try to explain it again:

upload your_logo.png in the folder /images/ of the theme folder, then edit the header.php

On the line 55 starting with div id=”logo” you should replace : ?php bloginfo(‘name’); ? with img src=”/images/your_logo.png”

Thank you for your free templates, i sure enjoy with this template. more free templates please…

Hi i dont know but the post is not showing up as a featured post and i have downloaded and activated the featureme plugin

can someone help ?

I love the theme, i will add to my colletion

Great theme

Is there anyway the featured posts area can be changed to a static area where a description about the blog could be placed?

I would like to draw your attention to a important issue with your recently launched free templates.
When your templates are used with Intense Debate Plugin (as I am doing it with my 7 social blogs) your templates design gets hampered specially the “dialogue box” ( in this case with blue mania) or any image you have been using for showing comments in the post.
If you manage time to fix the issue will be highly appreciated.


every time i install any theme i got this error

Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\BlueMania\index.php on line 32

how can i fix it?

Me too,How to fix it ?

Me too!

Guys any help

Me too!

Great Design

This is the most beautiful theme in the world.

I love it very much.

But I use the facebook share button on it.

It has error.

How can I do???

Use the “Digg Digg” plugin as I have on my blog. It lets you add facebook, twitter and more

my site is “NetworkwithJessica. com” (all together) I just started fixing it up and testing it

Hi! Great Theme!
Good Job!

I was using this theme perfectly when something happened.
I deleted one of the posts that was being featured but he still shows up in the feature box.
And the most frustrating, only the readmore part of the text appears.

I tried to reinstall the theme and the pluging but not happened.

Please could someone help me please?

go to wordpress db and delete from wp_features

You do need to delete it from the DB. This query worked for me (NOTE: it will delete all the features with no posts):

- delete all the invalid features
delete from wp_features
where not exists(
select ‘x’
from wp_posts p
where =


I’m using WordPress 2.8.5 and this theme is giving me a Blank Screen of Death… any ideas?

Awesome theme btw!


why when i try to load all your themes i have back this error string: Parse error: parse error in C:\Program Files\EasyPHP5.3.0\www\test01\wp-content\themes\BlueMania\index.php on line 32


nice theme, i have downloaded it for my new wp blog..

Man, i’m using your theme but i’m having troubles with the accents and.. you know… all that spanish stuff like á, ó.. They don’t show correctly.

As far as i’ve readed, it’s a problem with the UTF8 but i can’t find where to change that in your files.

Can you help me please? tnks in advance

check header.php

Thank you man, it worked perfectly…

The paging seems reversed in this? on page 1 it show only “Previous” then on two+ it show both Prev/Next but they work in opposite order?

Any ideas?

It has premium look and perfect for bloggers. thanks for sharing.

i can’t work with thumbails !!

anyone can helpme ? is a custom value?? because in the example the thumbail not appear in full view of post
i can’t found anything about that in plug webpage

Hi, the 125x125ads doesn’t work! I put on the settings 4 ads, then I set the url and img title and source.

But it is not showing up!

I am desperate! please halp me!

how do i increase no of posts in feature me plugin ??

I install the theme, but I dont know why comment box is not appearing.

I can not post comment from user side.

Any help will be good for me.


I have an issue with the “feature” area. For some reason number 4 says read more but I want it to feature something else. I do have the person I want featured “checked”.

Also, If I put a picture in one of the featured areas, in addition to the thumbnail, it will show the code in the feature area, how to fix?

This is a great theme, it’s so pretty and mostly easy to work with.

Nice themes, works pefectly on wp 3.2

Hey I really like that RSS icon ;-)

hey guys I have instaled the featureme plugin to my wordpress website and i am wondering how to get it to show in the desired section at the top? What piece of code in the header rshould I edit to make it show there? I am not that great at coding but I am trying… any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Wow this theme is great for wordpress thank you skinpress !!!

I uploaded the plugin to add the featured listings and that works, but I only see the featured listing with text. Any idea why it’s not showing the image of the post or how to make an image show? Thanks!