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There are a number of very nice design touches to this WordPress theme. The peel away sticker promoting your RSS feed is just one of those extra details which are sure to make your site stand out amongst the crowd.

The theme is primarily blue, the background incorporates a significant amount of smooth curved edges in a random pattern that helps evoke the feeling of calm, and simplicity. The multicoloured striped bars along the sides of the two column layout brings lots of color to the screen without it coming across as gaudy.
A bright fresh design that is sure to leave a positive impression.

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I like your theme very much!
But how can I change the ads? Or how can I remove them?

Thanks in advance!
wilderbommel :)

Another question…

In my categories, the “child categ.” are not shown. What was my mistake or what have I done wrong?


How can I add gravatars ?

Beautiful but how can I add a logo?

Beautiful theme thanks

This is a wonderful theme. I’m just having 2 very important issues with it:

1.) The font size shown in WP’s visual editor is much smaller than the default theme that comes with WP (“TwentyTen”) was.

How to bump it up in size?

2.) When I toggle to Full Screen mode, the text goes clear across my screen. The theme seems to be fixed width, but in the editor the text fills up the entire width of the screen. That makes it very hard to gauge how it’ll look on-screen when it’s published.

I’d highly recommend this theme if I could fix these 2 issues.

Can you help?

Thank you!

P.S. I’m on WP 3.00.

Really great theme, is this available for blogger? It would be really great to have a blogger version of this.

Good day,
I am Turk. Very elegant and beautiful theme. But there is a problem. “Featured Posts” at the cuffs do not have pictures, only text is. Do you have a custom field? Please help. I am writing with Google translate.

Please help???

Please help!?!?!?!? featured post???