Black Green 3

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A wide design mossy green in pastel shades, a strong solid black background

A super traditional 3 column layout with left hand navigation, central content column and right hand area for featuring various WordPress widgets.

Valid XHTML valid w3c XHTML 1.0 Transitional, absolutely no warnings or errors show your readers that you have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page, you may display this icon on any page that validates. Here is the HTML you could use to add this icon to your Web page:

This is a low bandwidth design with minimal use of images, in fact the pretty much the only images used are the calendar icons. This ensures the theme is extremely fast loading.


Category : Wordpress


The cool fire theme utilizes a rust orange, red, yellow and liberal use of grays to evoke the feeling of a sunrise or cool fire at night. This WordPress theme is deceiving in its simplicity as its quality is in the attention to detail.

Whilst the top navigation bar is at first as simple as can be, on a mouse over, or when a user actively engages with one of the elements the banner creates tabbed buttons.

This keeps the site simple without being lazy and is sure to be user friendly.

The care to detail can be seen again in the main banner, which is spaced 4 pixels from the main content, which again is separated by a 1 pixel dashed line creating a really good division between content and header/navigation. The theme is completed with a footer nicely designed to reflect the WordPress themes color scheme.

Fluid Yellow

Category : Wordpress


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A drop down tab appears from top of screen bringing attention to the user friendly search function. This is a 3 column layout which makes great use vivid yellow and grays, that combine to make an appealing colour scheme.

This design is generic in nature ensuring it is versatile and could be used for any number of industries or web sites. It has been designed to the highest standards is fully widget ready and is sure to work with the latest version of WordPress.

Sun Wear

Category : Wordpress


The typography and layout of this template make for a very simple and straightforward to read web site.

The two side columns fr navigation and featuring your WordPress widget leave you plenty of space for highlighting the diverse areas and features of even the largest web site.

This theme using very strong blues, a Royal or Navy Blue as well as varying shades of sky blue ensure this design is especially appealing.

The overall design is nicely balanced, with the footer, mirroring the header as a reflection in reverse. Unlike may templates you may find, this theme looks as strong at the bottom of the page as it does at the top. Created for the larger business site this theme incorporates a highly visible search bar within the banner.

Red Stamp

Category : Wordpress


The comprehensive compilation of this design creates the feeling of a postage stamp. The entire content area mad up of a 2 column design with a superb header including a navigation bar, followed by a featured area content before you reach the two column content and navigation areas.

The design is in red and black a combination that is often combined in sports for the exact reason that these colors evoke a feeling of strength and power.

It is the perfect theme for any stamp collector or even a true philatelist. The educated among you will know that philately is closely related to revenue and not just the postage stamp.

Yellow white flower

Category : Wordpress


This theme includes the use of an amazing image, an Asiatic Lily. With large fleshy petals pure white with a hint of fresh lemon through the center. This image is sure to help your web site standout from the crowd.

A 3 column design, well executed leaving plenty of room for navigation for even the largest of sites. The predominant color is blue. As with all our designs this is fully XHTML compliant and has been fully tested to work with WordPress.

The white Lily is often times considered a symbol for majesty, wealth, pride, innocence and purity. With a definite Hawaiian feel this theme could be put to a multitude of uses from Lomi-Lomi practitioner to Beach Resort.

Sleek Bluey

Category : Wordpress


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This wordpress skin makes full use of various blues. Your calendar appears in the top right of your right hand navigation column.

If your site needs to draw attention to events, whether on or offline this is a brilliant design.

A button style top navigation alongside a search function which is built into the top black navigation bar creates a strong impression and clear navigation.

Sweeping stripes in the header adds a feeling of motion alongside the sleek blues. The designs smooth edges and the fact the template makes use of very few hard straight edges or lines ensure this is a very sleek design.

Fully tested with the latest version of WordPress and guaranteed to work in all browsers.

Glamour Yellow Red

Category : Wordpress


A wide set template in striking use of yellow red and white with a gray background.

With the fun 3 column layout and the love hearts this is a cool theme for anyone wanting to evoke the feeling of passion in their web sites viewers.

The use of hearts which symbolize love, romance, and passion. So if your site illustrates a romantic idea or notion or offers romantic gift ideas and covers concepts like passionate love then this theme is a powerful design.

Fully tested to work with the latest version of WordPress and xHTML compliant you can be sure this theme will work ‘right out of the box’, speed up your website development time with this unique WordPress skin.

Green Art

Category : Wordpress


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A 3 column design that incorporates rolling fields and blue skies as the header. This style of header is very popular within the Windows Tech community online, and would make an excellent wordpress theme for such a site.

However it is still generic image and suitable for many types of websites and is a theme that could be put to a great variety of industries ad uses. The use of Greens, from light green through to dark green and a gradient blue sky and the blue-gray background of the theme overall makes this a very balanced site.

Pink Angel

Category : Wordpress


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The main header area incorporates space for you to feature any part your website that you like, or others have used it for their mailing list subscription forms or customer testimonials. It’s a very flexible space which allows you to make this template truly your own.

The footer navigation has a web2 style bar with a very nice drop down effect. Pink on Pink in the right hand navigation is carried off with very good effect, and this makes an ideal theme for sites aimed at females and young girls especially. The search bar included in the top navigation ensures this template is easy to navigate even for the most novice of users.