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With a place at the very top for a logo, the Dark Sky theme is ideal for those who like two opposite colors of blue and charcoal black coming together to form a stylish and inviting layout for all who visit. The sliding category section at the top is a nice feature for those who need to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Just below it you will find a tweeting section, where all guests will be able to see what recent activity has been going on with the page. This blue, black and white theme is a great choice for those who need a fresh style that stands out as being different yet still very much easy on the eyes.

How to feature posts?
Put all posts you would like to feature in a certain category and select that category as featured in “DarkSky Options” page in wp-admin

How to show image in featured posts?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” in the post you want to feature and post a link to 318×215 image.

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Look nice &
text in light blue box is the best for reading.

pls revise

1. Theme doesnot support Menu in WP 3.0
pls, also make it dropdown enable

2. Auto Thumbnail

Thanks a lot

same here.. how do I fix the menu? I’m also using WP3.0

best theme for wordpress
Thank for share

Theme is perfect!!!
But how i can remove banners???
And where it is possible to rename text like ‘Posted by’
‘category’ and etc. I want to localize this theme for my blog on Russian, however, i changed some text on the index page, but when i select links like archive or category this text is again in English :-(

It will be good if your mail me an answer.

Thank for theme again!!!

awfully sorry, I found how i can remove banners

Im getting the following error when I activate the theme: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in H:\software\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\DarkSky\header.php on line 126

Any idea how to fix it?


how much do you charge to get your theme posted on our wordpress account. I’m learning and like your theme.

WordPress.com doesn’t allow outside themes.
These themes are for self hosted blogs. you need to have your own hosting account and install wordpress in it.

Open header.php and replace <? with <?php clears the error.

how did u remove the banners?

which banners? you can control all banners from “DarkSky options” page in dashboard

The menu is not working as it shows in the Demo.
Its just a “random list” from the header and down - it isn’t on the menuline.
What to do ?

Use the menu editor in dashboard, you can select which links and what order there, its below “appearance” link

same here, it’s only display list…….
it is solved now, thanks
(just add menu from wp 3 built in menu builder)

I tried the same thing for the menu, but it still doesn’t show up as it does on the demo. It just shows up as small words in a thin font that appears vertically instead of horizontally.

My WordPress also says that 0 menus are supported for this theme.


I can display the menu, however how do you get the pages under the parent page to display. Currently having to show them in the page widget.


you need to use “menus” link below “appearance” link to manage the order of menus

I have done that however on the demo under About you have test 1, test 2, and test 3.

I have 3 main pages set up as parent ones which have worked in the past.

When you add all the pages there seems no option to group them, and the Automatically add new top-level pages button doesn’t seem to do anything.

send me your wp-admin access if you can via contact form, i will set it up.

Found it - you just add all the pages and then move the sub pages slightly to the right under their correct parent pages :)


Image in Featured Post

can u explain again to how to make this wrok, thanks

How can you edit the header to make a custom header image not just the blog name?


Since the template didn’t work with WP 3.0.1 I used it with a lower version. However, now I am getting a fatal error. Can anyone help me with that?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_nav_menu() in /home/carstenc/domains/carstencziborr.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/DarkSky/header.php on line 59

Thanks in advance


The theme works fine with 3.0.1
you need to create menu’s in dashboard. You will find a link “menus” under “appearance”
Go to menu’s create a menu, name it anything and add pages/categories to it and arrange their order by dragging/dropping them.
Once you have done that, the top nav will work fine.

Well, what can I say. Typical user problem :) . Thanks for your help. Works perfect now.

Hi there,

I would like to use your theme, but when I install it and then try to use/preveiw it I get this error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_header() in /home2/isidimac/public_html/wp-content/themes/DarkSky/header.php on line 47

Please help me figure it out!

Thanks in advance,

I’m using the darksky theme and it works great except for the fact that my post/page content size is very narrow. For some reason it is much more narrow than the demo page. There is about 165 pixels between the right most part of the post and the start of the widgets menu. I would like to extend my post/page width to use this empty space.

Additionally, I am also interested in the answer to the above question.


url to your blog would be nice.
The above question is answered.

How much would you charge or is there a walk trough page how to post the theme ourselves. i’m new to this.

Hi - trying to automate the carousel slideshow - how does this automate?


it already rotates automatically

Fantastic theme!
Is there a way to stop Featured posts appearing in the main body of the page? For example, I only want Featured posts to appear in the box at the top, and only regular posts in the main body blog part below.


Well… A lot of the themes from SkinPress don’t work. For darksky, I still have the Parse error notice in header.php on line 124. I created some menus, but it’s still not working.

Also, when I create a menu and I add a page or a category, they are repeated twice in the menu and I can’t access the drop down menu to delete them.

Are there any other configurations to do? Either from: scripts, php, apache, wordpress, etc.

Same thing as BlackGray2 and all the other themes that do not work, just check the code for:
? endif; ? and replace it with ?php endif; ?

Thanks. It works… :)

for some servers they dont support ? endif; ?

I’m having a problem, I want to show an image at the banner. I tried the instructions above but it still doesn’t work. Much appreciate your help. Thanks

Where to paste the adsense code for 125 X 125 banners in right sidebar

in theme options page

Hi i addidentally change something in footer and it becomes like this


I couldnt event get into my sign in page when I turn to http://chonmagazine.com/wp-admin

how can i solve this probem?


I fix the problem already.

How can I add an image on header (my logo image)

Hi the theme work awesome in my website but at the number of comment there, my website shows some error where it should show the number, but then it show “show comme” my website is at http://chonmagazine.com/

please help me to look through

hi I have check your website and it display rightly. how did you fix the menu?I can’t fix mine. Hope you can help..thanks in advance

I already fix the menu..It displays now but one problem I don’t know how to do the pulldown menu under a menu..pls.help.thanks

The top nav only show the first menu I’ve created. The second, third… not shown. Please help.. Thanks…


i am getting an error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_nav_menu() in /home/smevinp/public_html/wp-content/themes/DarkSky/header.php on line 59

i check in wp-admin for menus under appearance. its not be seen.

what to do now?

you must upgrade to wp 3.0.1

Im trying to install the theme but it says the file is not compatible. Archivo incompatible. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\DarkSky\header.php on line 124

what to do now?

I’m having trouble with adding then image to show in the featured posts… what do I do???

its already explained how to do it….


I know this is a newbie problem, but I can’t seem to get the articles to show their images on the featured slideshow.
I have created 5 articles, all to one category, and that category is listed in the DarkSky options but am still at a loss at why the text is showing up but not the images.

Ideally I want it so that I have an image on the left and text on the right like your demo page “Cash-Out Refinance”

Can you help. Thanks

you need to create a custom field for each of that post as explained above

hi there, love the theme, but i am having trouble editing and adding my own top nav menu bar, i get the below warning

“The current theme does not natively support menus, but you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to add any menus you create here to the theme’s sidebar.”

It does, redownload again

Help, i have WP vers 3.0.1, when install the theme show me this error ” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in: wp-content\themes\DarkSky\header.php on line 124 “

I have to replace all <? by <?php ?, or only some few ?

Hi again,

Thanks for you help with the photos on the slider.

Wondered if it is possible to make the slider (all the dark grey box inc images and background) smaller so that I can see the bottom of the page (blog entries and sidebar).


How do we make the 125×125 ads open in a NEW window when clicked on?

How do I change the logo to an image of my own?

I love your work, really. This theme is perfect.
But since few days, the caroussel belt didn’t work at all. And I really don’t know why.

Any idea to help me ?

Thanks a lot

we didnot make the blogger template, someone else converted the wordpress theme into blogger template. Please ask them for help.

Is it possible to disable the carousel (slide show) on certain pages… Well, I know it is, guess I am just hoping for some hints. Thanks! love this theme

Thank you!
wonderful theme


in my website, twitter update can’t displayed?
how to repair it

did you enter the twitter id in theme options?

I find my twitter feed only shows occasionally. Any idea? Thanks!

Twitter servers must be busy….

I’m not sure if that’s it as I also have a Twitter widget which does show all the Twitter activity. The feed on the menu seems to stop showing if the feed has been posted over a certain amount of hours. Thanks for the reply and the great theme!

Hi there,

Brilliant site and great themes, I am using the darksky theme on a corporate site, would there be a chance of purchasing a license from you as my client needs to remove the footer info and add their own.

Many thanks

how do you put a picture in the slide bar area at the top?

How do I put a logo image on the top header??

I paid for the darksky theme and I can’t remove copyright? I guess I’ll ask for a refund then.

You paid for it? its free to download.
Where did you pay for it?

Yes I downloaded a demo version with limited function and paid for a full version. I have the paypal receipt if you like.

please forward that receipt and whats the url to the website where you purchased it?

why cant i add more menu?
it appears just the first one,pls help.


Where is the image 318×215, so that I may ad a link.? I really dont know what the following instructions mean.

How to show image in featured posts?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” in the post you want to feature and post a link to 318×215 image.

I put a PNG file as the image for a post in the scroller exactly the way you explained. The dimensions are correct however the image doesn’t show, only a box as to where the image is suppose to be, check it out http://www.eatthin.co.uk. Any ideas on what the problem is?

Hi, great theme! does anyone know how i can change the link for my sosial plugins pictures? When i insert my facebook id in the adminpanel it links to wrong adress..it link to my webpage..any suggestions?


I have upgraded to WP3.1 and the carousel has stopped working. Do you have a fix as it now doesn’t work on any of your themes I use.


Can’t do anything with this error… Please advise how to correct

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp() in /home/williama/public_html/wp-blog-header.php on line 14

hi..I don’t really understand how to use this theme..

Hi, I had just install the theme but the menu does not shown up like the how it should…It’s a clean wordpress 3.1 which nothing has been done to it yet…


anyone can help?

had solved the problem on my own

Did you check the code for <? and replace it with <?php

how do you get photos to appear on the slider?

Plz help me,how to find widget settings in this theme…i’m not able to locate the settings for widgets..!!
I found out the widget option but where are the settings for it.
Plz help me…!!

Theme works absolutely perfect.I have a very simple query and i know that it has been explained many a times but the only thing is that how to show images in feature posts.I have featured post in my blog and it runs perfectly,i’ve also understood that we need to create a thumbnail into the post where we want a featured image and i did it but where to post the link which you said that post a link to 318 x 215 image..where is this 318 x 215 image and which link to post .Please help me with this.looking forward for ur response.
Thank You…!!