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black is always sexy

where to edit the banner 125×125……

I am having the same problem.. can’t find where to edit the ads…

really like this types of theme ! cool …

Does anyone know where and how to edit the 125×125 advertisment ?


very cool theme.

but i this theme valid CSS it’ll better.

is it possible to change the colors of this one?

Hi. i use wordpress 2.7 and with this theme apeer an error message: Parse error: parse error in C:\Programmi\EasyPHP 3.0\www\wp-content\themes\Dots\functions.php on line 187
Can you help me please?

Anyone else having problems loading this in internet explorer? The demo works fine but when I upload it to a site it only shows the top half of the site and no error messages display. Any sections?

Hello people, I also can´t find the 125×125 ads management.

Seems to me that a file is missing to edit that. You can edit some info at Theme Functions (functions.php) , but it should have a file to edit .

the Ads are find under options at the Admins dashboard. Themes Ad they call.


I was having the problem of the bottom sidebar floating after text and not images.
The entry/content div height was not expanding when you align the text to the left/right of an image in a post, so i just added



.entry and .post-page .entry in the css file…

i’m using this theme and it’s working great…
check out my website
you need to have an outside source like open X ( ) and in the program link it there..
i can go into further details , email

Anyone get this to work on an IIS hosted wordpress platform?