Fluid yellow black wp themes

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This theme offers an extremely modern layout and a bold use of strong colours. The use of gradients lends a web2.0 feeling to this design.

An extremely professional wordpress theme that would look as good on a large corporate site or a smaller blog for an individual.

A semi transparent impression of a tree forms the backdrop to a central area which allows you to feature any area or article from your site. This easily changed dynamic area ensures you can direct all your visitors to any page or offer that you feel is extremely important.

The three column layout ensures even the biggest of websites can present a number of navigation options and hyperlinks without having to over extend the length of the web page.

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nice yellow themes, more variations using red, black and white would be more nice..

Can I change the header in yellow and put a picture there?

Nice combination….
thanks for sharing..

Thank.I love your theme.

This theme is a very cool !

First of all thank you very much for making this theme open source. I am using it on my blog right now, and I’ve been making a few colour tweaks here and there.

thank you….

Very good ! Thanks , I get it .

Thank you for sharing…

Thank you for sharing, it’s a great theme,

love the combination of yellow and black! lovely!
thank uu

nice themes… i really like it.. thankyou for share :)

Thank you very much, professional but lovely at the same time!


How can I put it on my account? I already downloaded it but don’t know how to upload it there. Is there any option? Thank you!.

hey use your ftp client like cute ftp or any other login to your ftp account and upload the extracted files into the driectory wp-content/wp-themes.Enjoy

thanks aload…

File could not be found… Would be great if you could fix the download (and let me know ;) )

the download link doesn’t work… could you e-mail me when it does…

Thanks! This is a great theme!

hello Srik

I use this theme in my blog and it’s amazing

but there is something wrong

the bar of (categories , pages , tags , ….) doesn’t be

viewed in the page from the first

I mean you have to scroll down about 3 posts to see it

please help me

I like this theme…
the colour combinations is great… :-)

Thank you yha… It’s great….!!!

Is this theme compatible with the new WP 3.0? Thanks.

thanks great

It won’t let me change the text in the field about my blog???

doesn’t show the links in different colors??