GrungeRed theme

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Simple yet totally effective theme. A three column theme which is set against a black background with a red outline. The inner pages of the theme are a very light brown which makes ready the text in the blog easy. The colour red is used through out the theme intelligently by being found in headings and important links in the theme. The theme is ready for four 125 x 125 ads inside the sidebar on the right of the theme.

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Where to find the support for this theme.

I want to know how to insert ads into the given spaces and/or how to remove those 4 ad spaces (125×125)

Open footer.php and you can edit them there

Great help. I will access and edit them.

Thanks for the help.

I was wondering if there were any plans to update this theme to be compatible with 2.8.4 ? A couple of Tabbed widgets seem to have stopped working when upgraded.

Thanks in Advance!


I love this theme. I have 6 ad spots in the upper right. The 6 links are 3 high by 2 across. Everytime I add another one it just keeps putting it down so I have ads in the 3 down and nothing on the other 3 down next to it. Could you please tell me how to fix this.