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If you like WordPress themes that are clean and subtle, you will love Light Zen. The biggest strength of the Light Zen theme is that it provides a lot of functionality without being cluttered.

The top of the theme features a logo area, interactive navigation menu and attractive social media icons. Instead of displaying the RSS feed button in the usual way, Light Zen integrates it in a clever way.

Below the top area is the main two column body of the theme. The left column begins with a sliding featured posts section, and then goes on to display the blog’s most recent posts. The right column provides readers with an extra level of interaction by displaying your latest Tweets, and then showing a nicely integrated advertising section, search box and additional navigation sections.

The biggest reason that Light Zen is a good choice is because it makes your posts easy for visitors to read. Each post has a large title, and the body of each post uses an easy to read font, is well-spaced and has a dark font on a light background.

To show featured posts, put all posts you want to feature in a separate category and select this category as featured in theme options page.

To show images in featured posts, create custom field called “thumbnail” and paste an url to 222×148 px image in its value

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I have used this theme for http://societyforkidneysupport.org

The Featured Content Slider does not play automatically.

Please advise me what is it that I am missing.

Thanks for creating such a cool theme.

Does not seem to work in Firefox 3.5 very well. It pushes everything out of alignment to the far right.

I use this theme for my site: http://www.rustamirani.com. I have had some great feedback from my visitors. My only issue is the twitter feed that continues to ask for a password. Can I get rid of it?


maybe you set your twitter updates private or password protected?

how to set the post to read more?

Hello, I think I saw a paid version magazine style of this there somewhere, but can’t locate it now, do you know how I can find it? regards

I’m very grateful for this amazing theme. I use it on my website and have gotten some wonderful feedback from my clients! Thank you so much!

I love this template, I have only a problem is not
see the menu

as I can fix


Upgrade to 3.0.1 and create menu under “Appearance”

I love Skinpress themes, but I’ve been having some issues lately. I tried to use this theme for my personal site, but I’m having some problems.

- The links to my “pages” do not appear.
- On the “comment bubble”, instead of the number of comments, it shows “Show Comments” in the same big font. How can I change it to the number? (I am having this same problem with my current theme, “Blackpower”.)

If anyone could help, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

I downloaded this theme, I liked the simplicity of the design and the features. I don’t use twitter, can someone tell me how I can get rid of the little bird that says twitter updates? It isn’t in my widget sidebar.
Also, can I insert my logo on to this theme?
If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

I am using this theme as it looks very neat and clean.Thanks for such clean theme. But i am unable to set featured images. Kindly let me know is it possible to set featured images in home page.If so let me know how to do it.