MiniMag magazine wordpress theme

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Magazine theme with featured posts, ajax box with recent/top rated/most viewed posts and 2 column sidebar. Has an option to rate posts. Contains a widget readt footer area in additional to widget ready sidebar.

Required Plugins :

  • Ratings
  • Most Viewed
  • Page Navigation

How to show featured posts?
Simply add all posts you want to feature to a seperate category and select this category in theme options.

How to show the image in each featured post?
Create a custom field called “thumbnail” for each post and paste the url to the image in its value.

Comments (36)

theme is broken… doesnt work
The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.

Yes the theme is broken!
I am trying this theme installed locally and it does not work.

Its not broken, go to theme options and set the options and save the options.

i dont see what it has to do with the options… i still keep getting:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/upt/domains/ on line 105

Yeah, getting the same $end error in the header. Check your endif statement in the header, there’s something wrong. Also, there are no theme options. Is this compatible with 2.9?

I have the same problema that have TRAX :S

Hey everything is fine but I have one problem why read more is not working ?

It is indeed broken. Shoot. I really wanted to use this template.

if everything is fine, how come people keep having the same problems?

Broseph, your theme is broken.

Here’s how you can fix it though, for everyone who wants it fixed…

change line 88 in header.php from:


You didn’t close your else statement on line 64. So that’s where the problem comes into play..

Oh… I didn’t realize that it wouldn’t let me put in the less than and greater thans.. sorry everyone..

Let’s try this again..
Change line 88 from:
<php if(is_home()) : ?>


<php } if(is_home()) : ?>

And if that doesn’t come through… then just add a curly brace ‘}’ before the if on line 88.

Thanks titus

Mine said this
Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

I wonder what did I do wrong?
I really like this theme..
Anyone could help please?

The Theme doesn’t work…. Can you upload the theme again

I want the categories to display as menus rather than pages. Is there an option in the theme or do I have to hard code this?

[wordpress novice question]: Is there any way to alter this theme to display Pages in the rotating ‘board’ instead of Posts?


no :)

and why are you disabling people’s comment website? I want to see the theme in action.

Nice theme but I can’t even preview it in WordPress. I keep getting the same error

I hope i don get bugs with this i gonna use this in a week when i move to hostgator

what do you mean?

How to include an image into carousel of posts like in DEMOsite?

I placed image into my post, but this image isn’t displayed in post carousel(

Hi guys. I am using MiniMag on one of my blogs (since yesterday). My problem is a logo file in header. I cannot find a place in code to change it. Please help me out. Is there a rule in css stylesheet for it?

Nice template anyways.
Waiting for your help. Thanks.


Change line 88 from:


Titus was right, but missing a “?”.

Sorry, bad post.

It´s so:

Change line 88 from:


AND, you have to add an “?” after “<".


didn’t manage to start this theme working :( looked nice but didn’t manage to complete it.

Me neither. :-( Blank page without any error message. No idea what to do. I already downloaded it twice to make sure it was not because of a corrupt file… I really like this theme but well, it simply doesn’t work.

This is a REALLY nice theme, but it isn’t working, you should reupload it to help us.

I fixed it with Éfren and Titus help.

On line 88 at header.php you change:


Hope it help you :)

I have tried the fix listed in the comment. I cannot preview or see the theme. We activated I cannot access the admin panel to get to the options.

Looks like the theme has some comparability issues with another plugin. I deactivated all my plugins and the themes work like a charm

I like it except that error

The error in the line 105 is an extra {
in line 65, erase this y save. This fix the problema

Error fix is change line #88 from:


it works fine then.

Error fix is change line #88 from:

// //
it works fine then.

Great Theme, guys. I’m having problems with ads not showing up. Is there any documentation for this theme?

Hello. The template I think is very good, but it works for me on ubuntu unfortunately not local.
I’ve edited the line 88 as described.

Thank you.