Orange Power

Category : Wordpress


Orange, Yellow and Black combine for an extremely powerful design. Very clean hard edges and some rather unique design elements. The overall design is a 2 column layout, with an extremely stylish and high profile RSS subscription box embedded into the right hand column.

The design also allows for four 125×125 pixel adverts by default, although you could have none or as many as you wanted of course. A strong Black top right hand navigation tab with a very nice yellow rollover effect means that their has been considerable attention to detail in crafting this wordpress theme. A striking design that may not be to everyone’s liking, but then again who said design should run with the pack. If you want your site to stand out this theme will help you achieve your goals.

Comments (3)

thank’s for you theme

Thanks for this theme, love the look. But, why does it ignore the date format set in the WordPress General Settings? No matter how I set the date format, it always shows as 30-08-2009. I’d really prefer August 30, 2009, for example.

I’m also trying to customize it to show a static front page on my domain, with my blog accessible via a “Blog” link. That’s turning out to be a little tricky.

Srik, could you do this in another accent color other than orange? I like the design very much.