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After activating wp125 plugin, go to its settings page and uncheck the “Include default ad stylesheet?” box.

This is a lovely template that primarily makes use of the color Orange however a wide range of soft pastel colours can be found in the semi-transparent background.

The main header graphic includes autumnal leaves in a rust orange lending this template a very organic and natural feel.

The free theme is a 2 column design, includes space for four adverts in the right navigation column. We have fully tested this theme to ensure it is widget ready and offers easy installation. If you’re a newbie WordPress user then this template is an easy way to give your blog a professional make over.

If you have any questions just post a comment, we do get back to our visitors questions, setting us apart from the dozens of other theme sites on the internet.

You will need the following plugins :

  • wp125
  • Wp-pagenavi
  • Gravatar
  • PHP contact form

Comments (19)

Congratulations for the theme. =)

How can i change the “Looking smart is easy when experts design for…..” text?

Just in appearence editor?



You can edit it in header.php

yes, it is beautiful

Nice theme. I installed it, but how do I access the admin module from your theme. I do not see any link. Can you please guide me.

Very nice theme. I installed it, but when i view this blog I am unable to see the admin link from which I need to login to wordpress. Pls help. thanks.

Hi Subhash,

You can access by typing the address directly in your browser’s URL box. for example http://www.yourblogname.com/wp-admin/

LOVE this theme. What’s you’ve done is heads above the rest. Now to look a gift horse in the mouth…:-)

I have three questions for you:
1) Why do I need these plug-ins? I have plugins for contact and page management that I like, and I can’t figure out why I need the others. Do they affect the functionality of the theme?

2) I’m having a heck of a time with the fonts in the body of the page being enormous and showing up with no line spacing. The ones that are doing that I’ve entered as bold, but haven’t done anything to the font size or made them headers. I poked around in the stylesheet, but I don’t know enough to tell which code is causing it. Do you have a fix for that, or are you not seeing it? You can see an example here: http://tribeofadmins.com/home/outlook-wiki/cannot-access-personal-contacts-from-email?preview=true&preview_id=84&preview_nonce=0238c2d105

3) In the footer, it says “Theme by Cheap Web Hosting.” Is that really you??

Thanks for your help - and your work!

hi i get this error under my ‘write a comment’ : “Fatal error: Call to undefined function cancel_comment_reply_link() in /home/artxhi/public_html/wp-content/themes/orangy/comments.php on line 53″

the comments form just doesnt show up, any ideas on why this happens/how to correct it? thanks!!


I have just installed this theme but it is not showing up. It is showing up in WordPress. WordPress says the theme is installed and active.

I noticed that there wasn’t an index.htm file. Could that be the reason?

I look forward to your help.

Hi there,

Nice theme. Have two questions though:

1. Despite following all installation instructions, I get this text in the orange menu bar instead of my clickable menu options:


I’m expecting to see: home, about, solutions, blog, etc.

2. No joy on the contact page. Can’t get it to display a contact form. Is this related to the menu bar issue? Can I just use a different plugin?

Nice Theme! :)

I really like it, but I made some modifications (I translated some text to german, changed important graphics, rearranged some bits of code,…)

As I had a look at the code the first time, I saw a link to http://emailmarketingsoftwarepro.com/ but in the Browser this is not visible, so I checked the stylesheet. Was it your intention to hide the link or is this an error? By the way: Email Marketing Software Pro - Is this one of your Sites?

I wanted to be honest and credit you for your work, so I have made a text widget with copyright information in it and a design by link linked to skinpress.com.

Maybe the problem exists, because my Blogtitle and Slogan are too long and too big…
I don’t know…

If you know, whats the problem, I ask you to tell me, how to fix it, and I’ll correct it as soon as possible.


After I made some bigger changes today, I was able to make the link visible.

Greetings from Austria

PS: I intend to leave the design by link in the mentioned text widget, because I really like “Orangy” (although I have changed a lot).

Its great and lovely. I liked this theme very much and implemented on my blog. I love it.

Hello Srik,
the download of this template is no more available.
can you restore it?

Thanks in advanced!!

I would like to use this template, is there any way that I can get a download of it? Thanks

Hi, i couldn’t find in the comments above a doubt like mine.
Is there a way to remove automatic “Continue Reading”?

Link is unfortunately dead :(

Really a great theme - very elegant and clean.. thanks!!

Love this theme - I spotted it om “Wonderful Life” web site and followed the style sheet comments to here !! - I have a web site that this very bright and clean theme will suit. Thanks to the designer.