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This theme is dominated by a large yellow RSS navigation button.

There is very careful use of icons for members, home and email links on the top right of the page. These small icons create a very web2.0 impression.

A simple 3 column layout, which has been styled cleverly to ensure your site will not look crowded. The search bar sits astride the top of columns 2 and 3 creating a visually appealing layout.

Lots of clean smooth rounded edges ensure a highly effective design which is sure to catch a viewers eye.

This sleek yellow theme has been fully tested with the latest version of WordPress, and you can be sure it will be easy to install and work in any browser.

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I use this template. But how do I fix ‘serach’ to search. It’s a blaring typo.

Hello, sorry abt that….
open up footer.php and search for “serach” and replace it with “search”

will upload the fixed theme later todaty..

You rock! I looked everywhere for that — except footer. LOL! Thank you!

First of all,

Thanks for this great skin!

I have found a couple of bugs (apart from the one above), which I’m hoping you can fix because I’d love to use this.

1. If you set the permalink structure to something other than default and enter a post, you won’t get took to the index page, you get took to someurl.tld/uncategorized/hello-world/index.php
Which obviously is a 404.

2. The page URLs aren’t re-written, for example the About page should be re-written as /about/, but it remains as index.php?page_id=2, which leads to the problem above about entering posts.

Hope you can fix these.


Hello Iain,

fixed it, please download it again…


Thanks Srik,

Works perfect now :)


it’s good

Thanks for these great skins - you guys at SkinPress are really going the extra mile. That said, I’ve found a few errors with this skin and with a few others (same - including Tech3 and OceanBeach. When the skin is loaded, you get the following error that pushes the links where the pages load out of the menu bar…

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/steffana/public_html/wp-content/themes/royalyello-10/functions.php on line 7

Hope you guys can fix this because I cant, and these skins rule.

- Steffan

Hi steffan,

download oceanbeach again its fixed now, and try this alternate download for royal yellow


Is there a way to make the whole template resize acording to the viewers resolution? Say 85% of the screen width?

Thanks and great Theme!

hello Ron,

its a fixed width template….

Hi, great theme, thanks.

What’s the easiest way to create a page template for this theme without the sidebars?

I love this theme! Thanks so much, and you’ve already answered 2 of the problems I was having with it. Just got one more that I can’t figure out. I know that every page I create shows up in the top horizontal navigation bar. How can I exclude pages from showing up there? (I’d rather have them hidden, and just add links in the sidebar to those full pages, rather than have them show in the header nav).

Well, I found a workaround for the problem I had. But now I have a new one. Why are there no extra line returns after a paragraph in the main posts? What I mean is, if you write a post that is 4 paragraphs long, there’s no extra spaces between paragraphs, so it just looks like 1 very long block of text. Is there a way for me to either indent the start of each paragraph, or preferably put an extra line break in between graphs?

I love this theme; however I am having images with posts that images in them and the text being on the side of the images no matter what code I use to make the text BELOW the image. Any way this can be fixed?

I was JUST about to post the same thing! I love this theme too but no matter what alignment I put on the image (like “RIGHT”) it always places it in top left position. Any help would be appreciated, Admin!

Andrew, Dave waxman

for the image problem, open style.css

search for :

.item_class img, #blog_comm img{
float: left;

remove “float: left;” (ignore the quotes) from it

And for guy who are having problems with the spacing of the paragraph :

open style.css and search for :

div.item_class .item_text p{

and replace it with :

div.item_class .item_text p{

(20px or 10px whatever you want :) )

Thank you very much! Andrew actually discovered this and posted it over at my web blog yesterday. Thanks so much for an awesome theme.

Thank you for this great theme first, I got a question about how do I put the “Subscribe This” Icon on the right top conner in the sidebar?
Thank you again.

Sorry, but another question. Is there a way to add viewing posts by author to this theme? My blog has two authors (my wife and myself) and a lot of users have asked for a way to quickly see her writing (notice, they care not about mine *sniff sniff*).

Justin i didnot understand what you mean… rss icon is already there…

I use a slightly modified version of this theme on my blog, love it! If there is any way that a fluid-width version could be added at some point that would be superb.

Dave you can check this :

The problem producing the array error mentioned by Steffan is still present in Line number 7 needs to be editted to read:

$r = array_merge($defaults, (array)$r);

Hopefully that will show up properly in the comments. And thanks for the nice yellow theme.

Is this theme widget ready and compatable with wordpress 2.5.1?

I can’t download. Can reupload? Contact me at . Tnks

Fixed, please try again

It work’s

I followed your remove “float: left;” from the style.css to get rid of all the pictures pulling to the left. But now none of the pictures will format to float any direction.

How do I fix this?

So there is an image in the middle (2 parallel lines going up and down separating the columns. I want to remove them. Where is this image located?

Hi Admin,
I seem to be having a problem with my pictures still. I took the above advice and removed the “float;left but it didnt seem to do anything. I am trying to get the picture all the way over to the left.
Any advice?