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This wordpress theme comes in a very nuetral color scheme. With a black white gray color set with a little use of orange. Your tweets will be read by even more tweet sheep because your twitter feed is featured highly on this blog theme.

A great design which will help you monetize your site as it is completely Google Adsense Ready. The power of syndication has not been forgotten with your rss feed at the top of your second column in a two column web interface.

Completely tested and totally widget ready this is a professional template. If clean lines is your thing take a closer look.

This theme needs WordPress 2.7.1 or higher


  • Featured Posts - Shows 5 posts which are marked as featured using featureme plugin
  • Page Management - Select which pages to show up in navigation bar. Supports dropdown for child pages
  • Twitter ready - Enter your twitter ID in Smoky options page and the twitter icon links to your twitter page
  • Adsense ready - Enter your adsense ID in options page
  • 125×125 Ads Support - Manage the 125×125 ads from Smoky options page
  • Contact Form support - Contact form styling for GBCF contact form
  • WordPress 2.7.1 support - Supports threaded comments

How to show a image in featured posts box?

In the add/edit post page, create a custom field called “thumbnail” and enter the full Url to the image in “value” Box. Make the image 161×107 pixels

Required Plugins

Post here if you have any problems and we will try and help.

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Great Works guys!
How is it possible to show pictures or small thumbnails in the featurema plugn carousel?


Thanks for reminding Herr Zimmer :)
Added info on how to use that feature.


Featured posts are not showing. I have installed and activated the featured me plugin. not sure how to get this. you need to write better documentation of your themes if not it is waste of time for us and there is no use of your offer.

Simply activate the plugin and mark the posts as featured.
And take your attitude somewhere else

Went to get FeatureMe plugin and it didn’t show up. What am I missing? I tried a different Feature Post plugin but it didn’t work. Still have empty FP box and it’s activated and set up. Suggestions?

I am having issues with the image showing…I re-sized the image, and followed the directions above and installed the feature me pluggin and all that is showing up is the description of the post. Need help please…

Thank you for the theme, I love it and am getting there with the features. Could you please tell me if there is any way to link to outside sites besides pages on the top nav bar?

You can do that, but you will have to get your hands dirty by editing the code.

Also download the theme from skinpress and use it.


I’m sorry.i’m still new, need your assiatnce on below

1- got error “Cannot load obwp-settings.php.” when click smoky option in wordpress management.

2- i already upload 3 above plugin in my /wp-content/plugins, but whne tried to activate in in wordpress mgt, there are no such plugins when i click at plugins link.


Jemi, you must be doing something wrong, files maynot be properly uploaded

Hi Srik,

Thanks a lot for ur advice, i have re upload the plugins and this time success, but still have error “Cannot load obwp-settings.php.” when click smoky option in wordpress management dashboard. Is there anything should i reconfigure and what is this moky options have.

Thanks in advance for ur advice and ur great template.tq

hey Srik,

thanks for a great theme, however I’m also getting the same error as Jemi.. I have reinstalled the theme, also reuploaded the files as you said.. and still nothing.. what should I/we need to do in order to get it work..
I also can’t find the place to set my Twitter account, so it can be loaded on the website (the last feed). I guess it’s also to be configured at “obwp-settings.php” ? Can you help me/us ? (people who are also having this issue) Thanks in advance!


try disabling all plugins not used by the theme and see…

Hi Srik,

I have found way to settle the problem,For Anil, you need to upgrade your wordpress to latest one which is 2.7.1.

After i upgrade my wordpress, i can see my smoky options.

Thanks Srik

now, what left, is i try to put some box and right upper side bar for advertisement box, still trying, but if you want to give ur advice, i’m glad to hear.TQ

Disabling the plugins didn’t work, but upgrading did!
Works like a charm now! ;) Thanks..
Maybe you should write that in the readme or something Srik (that the latest, in this case 2.7.1, version of WP is required, because many people are still using the older ones)

Thank you Jemi as well.


Thanks Jemi and Anil, updated the post

Any way you can easily include a logo in the header ?

@ Curt

Yes you can do that in header.php

I love this theme! Is there a code we can use to include recent post?


i was wondering how i can get the feature me plug in working. i have it activated but i don’t know to set it so it shows up as the top 5.

also how can i make it so my posts only limit a certain amount of characters on the main page and have the reader “continue reading” if they choose to. that way it prevents a lot of scrolling.

Whats up man? Loving and using the theme. I have 1 prob,
my tweet id don’t work on the theme.
any ideas?


Srik, thanks for the great template. I am having issues with the search box. It doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thank you

Hi, I’m new at creating blogs. But have managed to get your Smokey theme installed and up and running and the response of viewers has been terrific.

I’m hoping you can give me a first grade lesson on what info or code or format… what needs to go into the “Count of 125×125 banners” space to get it to work? And what folder the info needs to go in, etc. I’d like to have rotating images. Thanks!

PS - I did not download the plug-ins listed here on your page… do I need those to make the rotating banner work?

Thanks again.

I have download the “feature me” plug-in and have installed it, but am still at a loss about the instructions: “To display the featured posts just call show_featured_posts() on your sidebar or wherever you want them to appear.” Could you explain those instructions further, please and thank you. (-:


Is all well good man? Thanks for your assistance.

Hi, I have downloaded the theme and modified properly, now it would serve to make to me to slide the images in the table “featured posts”. I have unloaded featured me plugin but I have not still understood well the operation, how much
cue the case “This is to really cool entry, Feature it” and I dawn except, when the rimodifico the case more is not blunted.
I would want that the images and the news would be seen like in the demo, I hope that you know to answer yourselves
Ps.I am Italian, and I have written this post with a translator

Thanks for this great theme. Just one question, the whole post is shown on the homepage but at the end of each post, it still shows “Continue Reading”. I went to the “Tag” option but can’t find any solution to only publish a portion of the post instead of the whole post.

Appreciate any help on this. Thanks again.

To have the “Continue Reading” option working, you must insert a “more” tag where you want to break the page, like this:



Oops! The code didn’t went through. Let me try it again using html entities. This is the “more” tag (don’t forget to edit it in the html editor):


Oh, and for the “Feature me” option to work, you have to select which posts you want to feature, and when editing them, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the editing page, and you’ll find a check box that says “This is a really cool entry, Feature it!”. Check it, and your posts will appear in the cool carousel.

Hi Lalo Marquez, thanks so much for the tip. Worked like a charm!


I used this awesome template for my blog in, but Im having a problem with the feature post box and also with the link of “about”, doesnt show me the options under it.

Please, help me.


you will have to host the JS files yourself



By the way, do you know and recommend any free hosts for JS files?!?

don’t know any who will let you host JS….

Hi Srik I am having a problem with “Feature Me!” feature. Before I publish a post, I check “This is a really cool entry, Feature it!”. Nothing gets featured. I go back to “Posts” to edit the post and I find that the box isn’t checked any longer. The box never stays checked after hitting “Publish” or “Update” on any post.

Any one else having this problem? Any help would be nice!

how did u fix this? im having the same issue…

I found the post below - I’m having the same problem. Can you tell me how to resolve it?


I am having a problem with “Feature Me!” feature. Before I publish a post, I check “This is a really cool entry, Feature it!”. Nothing gets featured. I go back to “Posts” to edit the post and I find that the box isn’t checked any longer. The box never stays checked after hitting “Publish” or “Update” on any post.

download the plugin from this page, the bug is fixed in it.

use the plugin from this page

Thanks for the fast response, Srik! I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled the zip file from this page, but still having the same problem (it doesn’t stay checked). Any other suggestions?

Thanks again!

ok first delete it completely, then first upload only featureme.php then try uploading “featureme” folder keep the names of files and folders in small case

Works now! Thanks!

What code do i use for Count of 125×125 banners. How can i place the banners. I’m lost please help. I also need to know how can people register and login to my blog to be authors. Thanks

I can not seem to get the banners to work. I have put images in just to see if they would show up on the main page but they are not there. Thanks for your help


Thanks for sharing such an awesome theme. Look forward to more works from you.
How to move the “continue reading” further down? I want to provide more space between the social bookmarking buttons and “continue reading”. Please refer to my blog.

Can I not show the “continue reading” if I am not using the “more” tag for some posts?


Hi :)
I love the theme, I think it´s just what I´ve been looking for in so many ways. I was just wondering where the rss-link is located, I would like to remove all of the Rss in the field above the ads… Anyone knows how?
Greatly appreciated :)

hi there,

great template, i like it very much.

but i ve got a stupid question: with adsense i just can create a html code for the 125×125 size.
but at your plugin i would just need an url for the banner + one for the image.
i couldnt find any url at adsense. where can i get these url?



Thank you for your theme , it’s great. :-)

Hi, I do not see my featured posts.

I did install the feature me plugin and see the check box at the bottom the posts to include in the featured posts area.

However it is just a grey box at the to not a rotating with images. Do I need to install code in the post or header file to activate the featured posts and rotations?

Do I need to add tags somewhere…?

Thank you in advance.
A few suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you for this great theme it is beautiful!
The version I downloaded from this page does not display the number tabs at the bottom of the carousel as displayed here. ( 1,2,3,4,5 )… and did not have the step carousel working as shown here.

I figured out how to activate the carousel however I can not figure out how to position the numbered buttons (nav buttons)…
I am trying to get the buttons moved to the outer sides of the box, in firefox I can edit the exact pixel location on the page and it appears correct in firefox.
However it is not in the style.css file like it appears in firefox. I think this is because there is offset parameters in the code in another js file….

Any help to get the step carousel working as pictured here or at least get the buttons to appear to the sides of the box…

Did I miss something when I downloaded the files from here about the step carousel…?

Any help appreciated…. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for these great themes. I could not run search box. Also I saw that it does not work on demo. How can I run it?.

Please let me know which code to delete to have a full width page (page without a sidebar).

How do I make a full page width template.
I am on the right track but not quite there.
One method I’ve read about:
Create a new template from page.php with only the code for 1 column and then select it from the drop down when you edit the page. Sounds easy but I can not find the code to delete the sidebar from appearing…

2nd Method:
or it has something to do with the class=”narrowcolumn” to “widecolumn” then change the width in the left column in style.css - This almost worked but I can not fiqure out where to delete the rss in the side bar…

I would like to be able to select 1 or 2 column page template. So I could have an option of either layout. But if it is easier I’ll just delete the sidebar an stick with the full page width template.

Thank you in advance!

Is there a fix for the search why is it static the go or input box are clickable?

thanks for the amazing WordPress themes Srik!

you are certainly doing a great job with this website. Don’t mind the occasional jerk who leaves a bad comment - most people are very grateful just like me! I can’t thank you enough.

I only have one concern, do you create these themes yourself or do you get them from a 100% safe and reliable source? I have very sensitive information on my server and free WP themes have me feeling a bit paranoid..

they are safe as far as i know…

I have a small problem, the search box does not accept the input, can you suggest me where is my mistake.

Thank you in advance.

After activate the theme, the search box does not accept the input. Can you recommend what should I do.

Thank you very much.

i’ve read the instructions for adding a thumbnail into the featureme box, but I can’t get anything to show up. could you give me an example of a full URL, with size adjustments, that could be typed into the value box? I’m just hitting a wall here. I’ve tried typing just the URL, as I would in my browser’s address bar, I’ve tried HTML, everything. I’m not that experienced, so any help would be appreciated. Other than this one problem (which I’m sure is my fault), I think this theme is gorgeous and intuitive. Great job.

I installed this theme, and it blanked out several pages, especially the home page. It made the source code absolutely nothing as well, not just displaying nothing. This is on a WP 3.0 install and I’m not sure what could be causing this as several other pages display just fine (Contact and About).

Is there any way to delete featured posts? I was doing some testing on my website and then deleted the posts permanently but somehow they are still in the featured posts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


every post has ‘ Read more’ at the bottom when i have not placed in the code for it can i take this out somehow?

How c an i delete the 300×250 Ad in a Post?
I already tried to delete the entry in the single.php but the ad still appears.


first of all great work! But do you know a way to change the “readmore” in the feature me box?

thx for your help!

Thank you very much, it is very beautiful theme.

Hi, I just installed this theme but have a problem with the sidebar appearing after all the posts. Have a look at my site -

Can you help?