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The head of this site is large, offering a space for an embedded twitter update. Below the banner are key navigational links and a search feature for the site. In addition, this design features a double right-hand side bar with archives, partner links, categories, and recent posts.


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I am looking for a theme and I like this one, but I would like to change the colors. Is that a CSS change or can you do it from inside WordPress?

I’d also like to know the same thing, can you change the color?

cool!great files.

just started this adventure yesterday - and I’m not techincal…at all but, the navigation bar is not rendering properly - what can i do about this?

love the design and layout

It’s been a week and I’ve not heard from anyone…my navigation bar is still not rendering properly, the date will not display the way I’ve selected (October 17, 2010 reads 17-10-10) AND I can’t get “edit this page” off any new pages I add. Please help, I really like the look and feel of this theme but so far, it hasn’t been worth the hassle. Help please

I love this theme, thanks!

Any fix for the menu??