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After activating wp125 plugin, go to its settings page and uncheck the “Include default ad stylesheet?” box.

Want a clean design that says 2009? Want something edgey and web2.0, stripey certainly offers that. With a gradient aqua-marine/blue background, and a strong header with Web2.0 style black on black stripes.

The template comes complete with a great little RSS Reader icon that is sure to appeal to your blogs visitors. The top black on black navigation is again something that you will find on many of the best designed web2.0 sites today.

This simple, clean looking template could well be used for an individual or corporate looking for a fresh clean image with the colours reminiscent of clear blue skies.

You will need the following plugins :

  • wp125
  • Wp-pagenavi
  • Gravatar
  • PHP contact form

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Not correct your download link

Url Incorrect

I love this template!! I’ve downloaded it and tweaked just a few things. I did take out the footer at the bottom and now it won’t let me do anything. My live site shows only the “creative license”. I repented and added the info back in exactly as it was but your clever message pops up when I try to save it, move away . . . anything. I promise I’ll never ever delete your footer again, please just tell me how to get my site back up!

go to ftp and reupload the full theme

The link is broken.

Is there anyway to delete the wp125 from the top of the sidebar??

Great theme, I live it very much. Thank you for keeping it free! :)

please check your link… can’t download file… Thank’s

Urgent: I appreciate this wonderful template very professional. How do I use the wp 125? I installed and wp-gravatar, but tried to install wp-gbcf_zip but it saying it doesnt have header. Take a loot at my blog how do I use the banner is it through the widget options?

Unable to download Stripey Theme, download link is broken. Pls reupload file

Thank you

Question; for this theme, why is the code in footer.php base 64 encoded? I’d like to understand the rationale for obfuscating the code like that. If its for IP protection you might as well have done it for all the code associated to the theme.

You must have downloaded it from somewhere else, if you download it from here, there is no such encryption

Oh I see. Thats interesting. I downloaded it from here:

Sorry for the misfired blame! ;)

And by the way, if anyone’s looking for an unecrypted version of the footer.php file, just ask and I’ll pass it along.

hi how do I make it so it summarizes the posts (maybe 500 characters) then it shows the read more? currently it is showing the entire post on the front page.

thank you,

you should use the tag

I’ve been using this theme with a few tweaks and love it but I have one gripe with it. There is no way I have found to easily adjust the horizontal margin on image captions, the way there is for images. I currently put 10 px to the left of a right aligned image to keep it from looking too squashed against my copy, but the caption doesn’t follow with the image and is usually sneaking into the copy a tiny bit. Does anyone know how I can fix this in the css?