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Canary Yellow and black, inspired by the bumble bee. This 3d design is a nice effect and it makes it appear as though your content is sitting away from the web page with the clever use of a drop shadow behind the content box. The design may be a simple two column layout with what appears to be straight edges on the most part however the design is far more complex than that.

A low key approach to curves, shadows and bevel effects leaves you with an extremely tidy page. With more than just a nod in the direction of web2.0 graphics and style. This design will leave your site looking up to date without being too gimmicky.

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thanks !!

Thank you for this superb theme!

hi. excuse me for my english.
I have a question. I can remove the four banner at the top right? and if so, how is it done?

Hi nice design! Can I change the colors?

How do I add a picture to the featured posts at the top?

Did you ever find out how to add image to featured posting box?

Love this theme! How do I change the header colour?