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This is a sleek dark template. In black and Lime Green its visually a strong site with 3 a traditional 3 column design. A left column for navigation, central column for content and a third column for your blog roll, links and adverts.

The design incorporates a top navigation for the main areas of your site and is kept simple in the traditional style of WordPress Blogs. The design is pure CSS XHTML and you can be sure its a low bandwidth theme to use. So if you need a fast loading template that will not keep your visitors waiting this WordPress theme is sure to deliver.

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Hmm, can’t get the sidebars to work with wp 2.2.1. They both show the same

Hi !

For the sidebars who show the same thing, I think it’s because on the sidebar.php file (OR in sidebar_right.php), line 3, you have to change “dynamic_sidebar(1) ) :” by “( function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) && dynamic_sidebar(2) ) :”

It solves the problem for my test part ;)

Hi !

I like to translate this theme in french and offer it for downloading.
Can I please ?


The sidebar problem is fixed :)

Daria, as long as you keep the links in the footer and link to this page, its okay with me

Sorry, I sent this to your mail too using the “contact us” link

I’m using your Transblack 1.0 wordpress theme on my website. I have an issue with positioning images inside the post.
Usually, if I have more than an image in my post I position them alternatively to the right and left. Using your theme it seems some CSS code breaks this. I’m no CSS expert and I can’t find what the problem is, so maybe you can take a look into this.
For an example, you can check
the first image is supposed to be on the left side and the second one on the right side.

thanks a lot for your work!!!

who is the author of this theme:

SkinPress is affiliate of AskGraphics?

yes both sites belong to same company, any reason you are asking?

how do i use this on my server, im running apache 2 with openssl and PHP 5

I am using Transback 1.0 on my site and was wondering if it’s possible to reorder pages as they appear in the header. I have numbered them 1-9 but it doesn’t make an difference.

Can you help please?