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This is a very slick Web2.0 style design that will help take your blog to the next level. WhiteBlue has been designed from the ground up by hand, and you can be sure we have developed a theme which is designed to keep visitors on your site for as long as possible.

The design comes n Black and Blue with grays and whites for most of the content area’s. The small details make all the difference with this 2 column WordPress blog. Drop shadows give it a very web2.0 feel whilst still keeping the clean straight edges many of our visitors prefer for their site. The stylesheet will ensure every image you include will get a tastefully created border.

Best of all this blog template helps ensure you feature very prominently the three most read, and the three highest rated articles at the very top of every page on your web site.

Comments (9)

very nice,thanx dude :)

How can i modify the ads?
i need it urgent =S

I’d like to know how to modify the ads, too.

isn’t working!

2 problems:

1) Going to an individual post (page.php), the contents of the sidebar are pushed down the page

2) Doing a search returns no results, even when searching for a phrase that’s DEFINITELY in a post

Fixed problem #1… but #2 is still going on

I get an Error 404 when searching for something that DOES exist.

Never mind… fixed this one, too ;-)

If you turn on the option to allow comments on pages, no comments appear.

There’s no code for comments in page.php

The archive is broken: !!!